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Learn How To Sing

So you want to know how to sing like a pro? Singing on occasion can be easy, but those who want to do it for a living or who want to make it a serious hobby have to learn the proper techniques. It’s important to sing properly so that the voice is projected well, the diaphragm can stay healthy and to maintain your overall health.

Here are some tips that will help you learn the basics of singing properly.


For Beginners

Many are born with the natural ability to sing, they seem to reach notes with ease and have a good ear. Most people can learn how to sing even if they aren’t musically inclined as long as they learn proper singing techniques like proper breathing, posture, and developing your ear.

Emotions are important, but the fundamentals are crucial. Your voice is like a muscle, so resist the urge to try extremely high or low notes without practice. It’s also important to pronounce each word as best as possible when learning how to sing properly. This creates a better listening environment for your audience.


Controlling Your Breath

Singing isn’t just projecting your voice along with music, the way you inhale and exhale is also important why trying to sing properly. On a regular basis, your body’s breathing is on autopilot and you rarely have to think about how you’re breathing.

When you’re singing and learning how to sing properly, you must inhale faster than usual and exhale at a slower rate, the other musicians you’re singing with require you to sing along to a certain beat. It’s not natural, you must practice proper breathing control. It’s also crucial to maintain proper posture when singing.This can help you learn how to sing better without lessons.

Your shoulders shouldn’t rise when you inhale or get lower when you exhale, you should be breathing air into your diaphragm as opposed to solely your lungs.


Inhaling As A Singer

At most concerts you’ll notice the lead singer or choir will usually be standing. This is because it allows you to fill your diaphragm to its full potential. Although some famous singers sit, it’s usually because they’re playing an instrument as well.

Upon your first try, visualize the air entering your body. Allow it to fill your lungs and diaphragm (that’s the part of your abdomen near your belly button) so you can get used to how this feels.

When learning how to sing you will feel your lower back and diaphragm start to expand. As you breathe, picture your lungs quickly filling up with air. Learning to control your inhalation is slightly easier than the next part, mastering consistent exhalation. A lot of people want to know how to sing better without lessons so these tips will help you.


Proper Exhalation Techniques

Singers are able to explore their full range when they exhibit control over their exhalation. There are several exercises you can do to help you get used to exhaling slowly.


  • You can lie down and place a book on top of your stomach then watch it go up and down as you inhale then exhale. Make sure your inhalation is quicker than your exhalation as you do this. It’s best to do this on the floor so your back can be straight as you do this.
  • Using a feather, try blowing it from one place to another. As you do this, inhale as quickly as you can and exhale as slowly as you can. Make sure to stop if you get dizzy. It’s better to go slow and then work your way up.


In the beginning you might notice that you yawn a lot as you learn how to breathe properly. This is because your body is confused about why you are doing breathing differently and it will decrease when you get used to breathing as a singer. When learning how to sing properly breathing is very important.



It’s important to maintain your posture as you inhale and exhale. Like breathing, your body has to get used to standing a certain way when you sing until everything you do becomes a habit. You can get to know your body as a singer with the following tips:


  • Don’t slouch or become tense while you breathe. This will not allow your diaphragm to take air in correctly.
  • You can place your hands on your chest as you inhale and exhale. Make sure your chest stays in the same position so that you won’t create tension on your neck and chest.
  • Place another hand on your abs. They should be moving as you breathe while your chest stays steady.
  • Make sure your shoulders also remain in the same position.


Getting The Feel For Correct Breathing and Posture

One old trick for getting to know how to breath and sing properly is to lay on the floor or your bed with a heavy book on your abdomen. Inhale and exhale. Make sure the book is moving as you do your breathing exercises. If it isn’t, practice your breathing until you’re able to see the book moving.

Others choose to get on all fours and practice your breathing on your hands and knees. As you inhale you should see that your abs move downward. When the air is leaving your body they should be going back up. As you keep inhaling you will also notice that your lower back expands to allow for more air as you breathe in. It’s important that your chest stays steady as you do this exercise.


Final tips

Professional singers go through great lengths to protect their voice and since you’re beginning this craft, you should also try to protect your voice if you want to lean how to improve your singing voice quickly.

It’s wise to avoid carbonated beverages, alcohol, milk or extremely cold beverages before you practice. If you get thirsty, make sure you drink water that is at room temperature or tea with honey instead of sugar.

Sing at your natural key. As your voice and diaphragm gain strength, you should be able to reach a few more notes. If you force yourself you could damage your voice for good, so be patient with yourself. Resist the urge to clear your throat using harsh methods. Drink water if you feel your throat needs to be clear.

Remember that your voice may crack in the beginning, or that you may not have as much range on your first few tries. With practice, you’ll be able to have a much better voice. When I was learning how to sing properly these are some of the step I took to help me sing better.

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