Learn How To Teach Yourself To Sing


learning how to teach yourself to sing

This Could Be You Singing!

Some people are natural singers, but with plenty of practice and dedication, you can also teach yourself how to sing. This is especially important for people who can’t access voice lessons or coaches. With today’s technology, there are even online classes and tutorials you can access so you can learn how to teach yourself to sing.


Getting Started

Many people feel they have unpleasant voice because they weren’t born with talent. An off-key voice is usually the result of using an improper technique, not breathing correctly, or not knowing one’s range. Straining is common with people who aren’t trained singers and can harm your voice, so it’s important to stop doing this as soon as you notice it.


Learning to Breathe

Correct breathing allows you to sustain notes, to sing at designated beats, and control your pitch. You can practice inhaling and exhaling by using a very light feather and trying to keep it in the air as long as you can. First, you inhale and as you exhale you must allow yourself to make the exhalation as long as you can while maintaining focus. Make sure your chest does not move as you do this exercise. Placing your hand on your stomach as you breathe will also help you track for correct movements.



Your voice is like a muscle and warming-up will help you sing for longer periods, find out what your range is and reduce any cracking in your voice. It’s common for singers to practice their scales and sing along with the notes. It’s a good idea to start with the C major scale and keep going up as much as you can. Do the notes backward when you try to teach yourself to sing. Do this slowly and stop if you find that you are straining your voice.



Your vocal range consists of the pitches you can sound out in a way that is pleasing to the musical ear. The best way to figure out where you teach yourself to sing is by practicing classical scales and singing as many notes as you can. The lowest and highest notes you can sing clearly will determine your vocal range. This is very Important when teaching children to sing.



After you’ve warmed up and figured out what key is the best for you, it’s time to practice your enunciation. It’s especially important to sound vowels out correctly. Correct breathing will also be a big help in ensuring you can be understood


Take Care of Your Voice

As you practice and learn how to teach yourself to sing make sure you’re drinking plenty of lukewarm water. If you can make yourself a cup of tea that would be even better. Avoid dairy products and cold or carbonated beverages before you practice. Dairy can create unwanted mucus. Try to eat a few hours before you know you’ll practice so that you sing to your maximum potential.


Record Yourself

Once you’ve learned your range you can sing your favorite songs that may fit within your notes. You can record yourself as you sing along to hear how you’re doing. The best way to do so is to wear earphones and listen to the song at a low volume. Place a recorder next to your voice and then listen to the playback. This will let you see what areas you need to work on.



Now that you’ve learned how to breathe, the correct posture, and how to warm up, it’s important to teach yourself to sing well on a daily or almost daily basis. Record yourself as often as you can singing the same songs so you can track your improvement. If you’ve ever learned music lessons for beginners, perhaps you can look over musicals or song books so you can learn different techniques using new songs. If not, there are many books that include CDs that you can sing along to.


Singing and Your Health

If you have a cold, cough or other illness, it’s best that you rest your voice until you feel better. Like any other muscle learning a new workout routine, your vocal chords need proper rest, warm-ups, and hydration. Stop singing if you’re straining your voice or when you get tired. Eventually, you will be able to sing for longer. I highlight this in my book titled¬†learn how to sing for beginners. This book is a great way to improve your voice.

Do your best to stay away from environments in which there is a lot of smoke and do your best to avoid colds or other ailments. When you need to clear your voice, drink room temperature water instead of coughing harshly.


Find an Audience

One of the best ways to see if you’re singing properly and finding out how to teach yourself to sing is to do it front of others. Find a friend and sing them a song to get their feedback. If anything, you can always audition for community events and choirs. Even if you aren’t as good as you’d like the first couple of times, directors can often give you tips on how you can improve. Constructive criticism will help you become a better singer.

Videos To help you teach yourself to become a better singer

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